Pixeled Mind 2.0

In January of this year when I drafted a "New Years Resolution" list on it was one to re do my website. For the last 6 months I've been ignoring it like I was ignoring the gym. (To my credit I have been going to the gym but that left something else to be said about updating my site.) I finally decided I needed to do it. I thought about just designing one and using my friend who is good with code to help me. I decided against that and went on the hunt for a way to host a website with minimal code experience. I knew of Squarespace and after researching some of what they had to offer I decided to pull the trigger with them. My reasoning to update my site besides the obvious need for a visual overhaul was basically it was the professional thing to do. I wanted something that was clean and colorful and showed my love for minimalism and modern looks. Mainly in my mind having this portfolio site is about letting anyone who visits my site see my work, find me on various social media outlets and that might lead to future opportunities. A portfolio site should offer your work in a simple, clean and minimal fashion. It should also give the person who visits a good idea of your style and presence on the internet. At least that's what I believe. I know that is left up for debate because I'm sure their are a lot of other "more talented than I'll ever be" designers that think otherwise. When I thought about what I do I realized since I don't create a W2 from doing design work people should be able to cleanly see my work and download it with ease. See some of my photography examples and get in touch with me. I did hit a few bumps with navigating around at first. Squarespace has some seriously awesome support people. I used the live chat function multiple times. They also have awesome forums with simple steps. I'm not a huge reader so the pictures were a plus for me. I absolutely love how easy it is to "update" my site in the future and most importantly how simple it is to be able to easily share new work with ease. That being said I'm sure I'll be updating my site more frequently and with more content. In the mean time I just thought I'd give a little insight into the thoughts behind my new site re design. I hope you like it. Thanks!